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'">BP-1210A Aluminum Anode for Vetus 220 Bow Thruster

BP-1210A Aluminum Anode for
Vetus® 220, 285 and 300 Bow Thrusters
(SET0152A, BP-1052A)

Mil-Spec A-24779(SH) Aluminum Alloy
  • Aluminum anode for bow thruster BOW 220 / 285 / 300.
  • Mounting bolt included.  5mm allen wrench required.
  • Base Diameter: 2"

BP-1210A Aluminum Anode for the Vetus® 220 Bow ThrusterBP-1210A Aluminum Anode for Vetus® 220 Bow Thrusters
Side View                                   Inside View

Vetus® is a registered trademark of Vetus, Inc. is not associated with or sponsored by Vetus, Inc.
Part Number Variations: BP-1210, BP1210, SET0152, BP-1052, BP1052, CAM BP1210, 70-BP1210, CAM-BP1210, VT-1, VT1, 03508, SGVT447, SGVT447Z