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HangTuff™ Zinc Anode
HangTuff™ Zinc Anode
HangTuff™ Zinc Anode

HangTuff Zinc Anode is a six pound zinc hanging anode with 15 ft. vinyl coated galvanized steel cable and electrical connector for grounding. 

Hanging anodes are a very popular accessory for dockside protection.  Boat owners can readily extend the life of their shaft and propeller anodes by connecting a hanging anode to a vessel’s bonding system (e.g., a shroud line on sailboats) and lowering the anode overboard into the water.  Hanging anodes are strongly recommended for corrosion protection of vessels with metal hulls; sailboats with limited anodes; and power boats with outdrives and outboards.

HangTuff™ Zinc Anode

New & Improved

HangTuff™ is a new and improved generation of hanging anodes designed to provide reliable, long-term corrosion protection.  Unlike earlier products, HangTuff's cable connection is 100% guaranteed not to fray or break during the life of the anode.

Mil-Spec A-18001K Zinc Alloy

  • Six pound overboard zinc anode with galvanized steel cable and plier clamp for grounding.
  • Threaded stainless steel rod cast into the full length of the anode's body.
  • Swaged stainless steel connector that ensures the cable connection will not fray or break.


  • Anode Weight:  6.25 lbs nominal, 6.0 lbs min
  • Anode Dimensions:  2" diameter, 8" long.  Includes plastic bump guard cap.
  • Anode Connector:  304 stainless steel swaged connector
  • Cable:  15 feet vinyl coated 3/16" galvanized steel cable.  Flexible 6x7 rope construction.  2000 lbs breaking strength.  Plier clamp for electrical connection to boat.
Hanging Zinc Anode Internal View





Internal View:

A threaded stainless steel rod is cast-in
the full length of the HangTuff anode's body.