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Volvo Penta SX/DP-SM Zinc Anode Kit
Volvo Penta SX Zinc Anode Kit

Volvo Penta SX/DP-SM Zinc Anode Kit

Zinc anode kit for Volvo Penta SX and DP-SM drives.

Kit includes:

  • 3855411 Volvo Penta SX Outdrive Transom Plate Zinc Anode
  • 3854130 Volvo Penta SX Outdrive Gimbal Plate Zinc Anode
  • Anode mounting hardware is not included.

Installation Instructions

Volvo Penta SX Zinc Anode Kit

Fits the following Volvo Penta Outdrives:

  • DP-SM, DP-SM 1.68, DP-SM 1.78, DP-SM 1.95, DP-SM 2.32, DP-SMTD 1.95, DP-SMTD1 1.95, DP-SMTD3 2.11

  • SX-M, SX-MTD, SX-MTD3, SX-M 1.43, SX-M 1.51, SX-M 1.60, SX-M 1.66, SX-M 1.79, SX-M 1.89, SX-M 1.97, SX-M 2.18, SX-MTD 1.66, SX-MTD 1.79, SX-MTD 2.18, SX-MTD3 1.66

  • SX-M1, SX-M1 1.43, SX-M1 1.51, SX-M1 1.60, SX-M1 1.66, SX-M1 1.79, SX-M1 1.89, SX-M1 1.97, SX-M1 2.18


  • SX-C, SX-C1, SX-C2, SX-CT, SX-CT1, SX-R, SX-RT1, SX-RT2, DP-S, DP-S1, SX-C1AC, SX-C2AC, SX-R1, SX-R2, SX-CLT, SX-CLT1

Part Number Variations: CMSXKITZ, CM3855411Z, CM3854130Z, DPSM, DP-SM