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3858995 Volvo Penta Engine Zinc Anode (E-1E)
3858995 Volvo Penta Engine Zinc Anode (E-1E)

3858995 Volvo Penta Gasoline Engine Zinc Anode

3858995 Volvo Penta Engine Zinc Anode (E-1E)

Brass Plug:  3/8" NPT
Wrench Size:  11/16" across the flats
Zinc Diameter:  1/2"
Zinc Length:  1-1/2"
Zinc Thread:  3/8"-16
Weight:  0.14 lbs

Fits the following Volvo Penta Engines:

  • 4.3GL-EF, 4.3GL-GF, 4.3GXI-BF, 4.3GXI-CF, 4.3GXI-DF, 4.3GXI-EF, 4.3GXI-FF, 4.3OSI-BF, 4.3OSI-CF, 4.3OSI-DF, 4.3OSI-EF, 4.3OSI-FF, 4.3OSI-G, 4.3OSI-GF

  • 5.0GL-FF, 5.0GL-HF, 5.0GXI-BF, 5.0GXI-CF, 5.0GXI-DF, 5.0GXI-EF, 5.0GXI-FF, 5.0GXI-GF, 5.0OSI-BF, 5.0OSI-CF, 5.0OSI-DF, 5.0OSI-EF, 5.0OSI-FF, 5.0OSI-GF

  • 5.7GI-BF, 5.7GI-CF, 5.7GI-DF, 5.7GI-EF, 5.7GI-FF, 5.7GI-GF, 5.7GII-B, 5.7GII-C, 5.7GII-D, 5.7GII-E, 5.7GII-F, 5.7GII-G, 5.7GXI-CF, 5.7GXI-DF, 5.7GXI-EF, 5.7GXI-FF, 5.7GXI-GF, 5.7GXI-HF, 5.7GXII-C, 5.7GXII-D, 5.7GXII-E, 5.7GXII-F, 5.7GXII-G, 5.7GXII-H, 5.7OSI-AF, 5.7OSI-BF, 5.7OSI-CF, 5.7OSI-DF, 5.7OSI-EF, 5.7OSI-GF, 5.7OSXI-AF, 5.7OSXI-BF, 5.7OSXI-CF, 5.7OSXI-DF, 5.7OSXI-EF, 5.7OSXI-GF

  • 8.1GI-A, 8.1GI-BF, 8.1GI-CF, 8.1GI-DF, 8.1GI-E, 8.1GI-EF, 8.1GI-F, 8.1GI-FF, 8.1GI-GF, 8.1GI-HF, 8.1GII-A, 8.1GII-B, 8.1GII-C, 8.1GII-D, 8.1GII-E, 8.1GII-F, 8.1GII-G, 8.1GII-H, 8.1GSI-A, 8.1GSII-A, 8.1GXI-A, 8.1GXI-AF, 8.1GXI-BF, 8.1GXI-CF, 8.1GXI-D, 8.1GXI-DF, 8.1GXI-E, 8.1GXI-EF, 8.1GXI-FF, 8.1GXI-GF, 8.1GXII-A, 8.1GXII-D, 8.1GXII-E, 8.1GXII-F, 8.1GXII-G, 8.1OSI-A, 8.1OSI-AF, 8.1OSI-B, 8.1OSI-BF, 8.1OSI-CF, 8.1OSI-DF

  • DPX375-A, DPX375-BF, DPX375-CF, DPX420-A, DPX420-BF, DPX420-CF
Part Number Variations: 3858995, VP3858995, CM3858995Z