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Mercruiser Bravo III Corrosion

Mercruiser Bravo III Outdrive Corrosion

This 1999 Bravo III outdrive is suffering galvanic corrosion from
operating with aluminum anodes in freshwater.  The prescription:

1) Exposed areas on the Bravo III's aluminum housing need to be
scraped, cleaned, primed, and re-painted;

2) Replace aluminum anodes with magnesium anodes;

3) Install magnesium propeller nut anode.

-- Photo courtesy of Tim Tise

All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Part Number Variations: CMBRAVO3KITA, 888761Q04, 710-888761Q0CMBRAVO3KITA, 888761Q04, 710-888761Q0, Bravo III Corrosion