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Propeller Nut Awaiting An Anode

Propeller nut awaiting a replacement anode.  Use the appropriate anode alloy.

  • For Salt water (only), use zinc. Click here.
  • For Salt, Brackish and/or Freshwater, use aluminum. Click here.
  • For Fresh water (only), use magnesium. Click here.
F-Size Propeller Nut Waiting For An Anode
Part Number Variations: Propeller Nut, CMPNZA, 628309108717, CMPNZB, 628309108724, CMPNZC, 628309108731, CMPNZD, 628309108748, CMPNZE, 628309108755, CMPNZF, 628309108762, CMPNZG, 628309108779, CMPNZH, 628309108786, CMPNAZ, CMPNBZ, CMPNCZ, CMPNDZ, CMPNEZ, CMPNFZ, CMPNGZ, CMPNHZ, CMPNA, CMPNB, CMPNC, CMPND, CMPNE, CMPNF, CMPNG, CMPNH, CAMAA, CAM AA, 70-AA, AA, CAMBB, CAM BB, 70-BB, BB, CAMCC, CAM CC, 70-CC, CC, CAMDD, CAM DD, 70-DD, DD, CAMEE, CAM EE, 70-EE, EE, CAMFF, CAM FF, 70-FF, FF, CAMGG, CAM GG, 70-GG, GG, CAMHH, CAM HH, 70-HH, HH, TEC-PNA, TEC-PNB, TEC-PNC, TEC-PND, TEC-PNE, TEC-PNF, TEC-PNG, TEC-PNH, CMPNAA, 628309118136, CMPNAB, 628309118143, CMPNAC, 628309118150, CMPNAD, 628309118167, CMPNAE, 628309115326, CMPNAF, 628309118174, CMPNAG, 628309122164, CMPNAH, 628309122171, CMPNAA, CMPNBA, CMPNCA, CMPNDA, CMPNEA, CMPNFA, CMPNGA, CMPNHA, CMPNMA, 628309113575, CMPNMB, 628309113582, CMPNMC, 628309113599, CMPNMD, 628309113605, CMPNME, 628309113612, CMPNMF, 628309113629, CMPNMG, 628309113636, CMPNMH, 628309113643, CMPNAM, CMPNBM, CMPNCM, CMPNDM, CMPNEM, CMPNFM, CMPNGM, CMPNHM CMPNHM