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06411-ZV5-000 Honda Outboard Small Bar Zinc Anode
06411-ZV5-000 Honda Zinc Anode

06411-ZV5-000 Honda Zinc Anode

Mil-Spec A-18001K Zinc Alloy

Length:  5-7/8"
Width:  1-3/8"
Height:  1/2"
Hole Distance:  5" center-to-center
Hole Diameter:  1/4"
Weight:  0.8 lbs

  • Mounts on bottom of stern bracket.
  • Fits Honda outboard models BF40A, BF50A, 1997 BF35AM, 1997 BF45AM, 1998 BF40AW, 1998 BF50AW, 1999 BF40AX, 1999 BF50AX, 2000 BF40AY, 2000 BF50AY, 2001 BF40A1, 2001 BF50A1, 2002 BF40A2, 2002 BF50A2, 2003 BF40A3, 2003 BF50A3, 2004 BF40A4, 2004 BF50A4, 2005 BF40A5, 2005 BF50A5.
  • M6 x 25mm mounting bolts not included.

06411-ZV5-000 Honda Zinc Anode
Part Number Variations: 06411-ZV5-000, 06411 ZV5 000, 06411ZV5000, CAM 06411ZV5000, CAM-06411ZV5000, 70-06411ZV5000, CM06411ZV5000Z, CM06411ZV5Z, 06411-ZV5-020, 06411ZV5020, 06411 ZV5 020, 01404