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Shaft Diameter Measuring Tape
Propeller Shaft Diameter Measuring Tape

Propeller Shaft Diameter Measuring Tape

Shaft diameter measurements made easy!

Designed to accurately measure boat propeller shafts from 3/4” to 5” in diameter or 25mm to 100mm in diameter. This measuring tape is for use underwater by divers, or “on the hard” Propeller Shaft Diameter Measuring Tapeand in the engine room by owners and service personnel.


  • Wrap tape tight around propeller shaft.
  • Tape is calibrated to directly read the shaft’s diameter. (shaft diameter = shaft circumference / 3.14)

The white tape is made of DuPont Tyvek™ material. It is waterproof, stretch proof and tear proof – yet very thin (only 0.006” thick). It is printed with black indelible ink that’s smudge proof and with high contrast – perfect for the underwater diver.

The tape includes both Inches and Millimeters measurements and is precision marked and end-cut, making it accurate enough to even discern the difference between a 1” and a 25mm shaft. (Tip: multiple wraps helps with this close one.)

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