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Metric Donut Collar Zinc Anode Specifications
(C-25 thru C-70)

Metric Donut Collar Zinc Anodes
All metric donut collar zincs have a copper contact on each half for a permanent electrical connection.  Stainless steel allen screws are secured by a lock washer. Stainless steel nuts are pressed in.


Metric Donut Collar Zinc Anode Product Specifications







C-25 25mm 64mm 32mm 1.0 lbs 3/16" $26.23 C-25 Collar Zinc Anode - 25mm Shaft (C25)
C-30 30mm 64mm 32mm 0.9 lbs 3/16" $27.69 C-30 Collar Zinc Anode - 30mm Shaft (C30)
C-35 35mm 78mm 32mm 1.5 lbs 3/16" $30.60 C-35 Collar Zinc Anode - 35mm Shaft (C35)
C-40 40mm 78mm 32mm 2.2 lbs 3/16" $30.60 C-40 Collar Zinc Anode - 40mm Shaft (C40)
C-45 45mm 78mm 32mm 2.0 lbs 3/16" $32.06 C-45 Collar Zinc Anode - 45mm Shaft (C45)
C-50 50mm 78mm 32mm 1.9 lbs 3/16" $32.06 C-50 Collar Zinc Anode - 50mm Shaft (C50)
C-55 55mm 103mm 38mm 2.9 lbs 3/16" $63.75 C-55 Collar Zinc Anode - 55mm Shaft (C55)
C-60 60mm 128mm 38mm 5.0 lbs 1/4" $63.75 C-60 Collar Zinc Anode - 60mm Shaft (C60)
C-65 65mm 128mm 38mm 4.8 lbs 1/4" $66.44 C-65 Collar Zinc Anode - 65mm Shaft (C65)
C-70 70mm 128mm 38mm 4.4 lbs 1/4" $69.40 C-70 Collar Zinc Anode - 70mm Shaft (C70)
Part Number Variations: C25, C-25, 836758005796, CMC25, CMC25Z, 628309115241, C30, C-30, 836758005802, CMC30, CMC30Z, 628309115258, C35, C-35, 836758005819, CMC35, CMC35Z, 628309115265 C40, C-40, 836758005857, CMC40, CMC40Z, 628309115272, C45, C-45, 836758005840, CMC45, CMC4Z, 628309115289, C50, C-50, 836758005864, CMC50, CMC50Z, 628309115296, C55, C-55, 836758005871, C60, C-60, 836758005888, CMC60, CMC60Z, 628309128340, C65, C-65, 836758005895, C70, C-70, 836758005901, CMC70, CMC70Z, 628309128364