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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled below some of the more common questions we receive.  If you have any additional questions please send us an email or, better yet, call us.  We're always glad to help!






Question A1:  How secure is your web site for online purchases?  Will my credit card information be safe?

Question A2:  Do you accept debit cards?

Question A3:  How are your prices so low?

Question A4:  One of the products I need is listed as temporarily unavailable. Will it hold up the rest of my order?

Question A5:  I’m in a hurry.  Can I pick-up my order?

Question A6:  Can I call to place an order?

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Question S1:  How do I calculate an expedited shipping rate on your site?

Question S2:  I am outside the US, what do I select for shipping?

Question S3:  How do I find the status of my order?

Question S4:  Many e-commerce stores are eager to take orders but then can't deliver.  Are your products stocked and shipped from your own physical inventory?

Question S5:  Which do you recommend: UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail?

Question S6:  When will my order ship?

Question S7:  What’s the best way to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands?

Question S8:  I’m in Mexico, what’s the best way to get my order?

Question S9:  What is your "Free Shipping Over $100" policy?

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Question T1:  Do your products meet Mil-Spec?

Question T2:  How much zinc do I need on my vessel or underwater metal structure?

Question T3:  How can I tell if I have too little (or too much) corrosion protection on my boat?

Question T4  The installation of boat anodes looks pretty straightforward.  Could I be overlooking anything?

Question T5:  What is the best position for anodes on my propeller shaft(s)?

Question T6:  What are the technical differences between zinc, aluminum and magnesium anodes?

Question T7:  Which anodes should I use:  Zinc, Aluminum or Magnesium?

Question T8:  What is “bonding”?

Question T9:  How can I check my bonding system?

Question T10:  What is that hard scale covering my zinc anodes?  Do I need to remove it?

Question T11:  What happens to zinc anodes used in fresh water?

Question T12:  Where do I attach magnesium anodes to a metal vessel in freshwater?

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Question R1:  What is your return policy? 

Question R2:  What happens with your "Free Shipping For Orders Over $100" policy if I return anodes? 

Question R3:  What happens if I return oxidized anodes? 

Question R4:  Can I return special order anodes? 

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