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HangTuff™ Magnesium Anode
HangTuff Magnesium Anode

HangTuff™ Hanging Magnesium Anode

With Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Plier Clamp

HangTuff Hanging Magnesium Anode is two pound magnesium hanging anode with 15 ft. vinyl coated galvanized steel cable and stainless steel electrical connector for grounding.  The anode features magnesium alloy with a galvanic voltage of -1.50v to offer the highest level of corrosion protection in freshwater water.  Simply attach to the vessel’s DC ground or metal hull and hang overboard.  It’s a very effective solution for corrosion protection of freshwater vessels, especially those with aluminum hulls, pontoons or outdrives.

HangTuff™ Hanging Magnesium Anode

New & Improved

HangTuff™ is a new and improved generation of hanging anodes designed to provide reliable, long-term corrosion protection.  Unlike other hanging anodes, the HangTuff includes a stainless steel plier clamp (not copper!) that's corrosion resistant.

Mil-Spec A-18001K Zinc Alloy

  • Two pound overboard hanging magnesium anode with galvanized steel cable and stainless steel plier clamp for grounding.
  • Steel rod cast into the full length of the anode's body.
  • Swaged stainless steel connector that ensures the cable connection will not fray or break.


  • Anode Weight:  2.0 lbs
  • Anode Dimensions:  2" diameter, 8" long.  Includes plastic bump guard cap.
  • Anode Connector:  304 stainless steel swaged connector
  • Cable:  15 feet vinyl coated 3/16" galvanized steel cable.  Flexible 6x7 rope construction.  2000 lbs breaking strength.  Stainless steel plier clamp for electrical connection to boat.  Compatible with #8 AWG (blue) crimp lugs.


  • Check the installation instructions for outboards. PDF
Solving a Dilemma:

Q)  I dock my boat in freshwater but want to spend some time with it on the ocean.  Which anodes should I use, magnesium or aluminum?

A)  Never use magnesium anodes on outdrives and outboards that may operate in saltwater -- they are too strong and can peel paint and damage the metal housing of the outdrive or outboard.  Instead, install aluminum anodes on your outdrive for the season and when at your freshwater dock suspend a magnesium hanging anode overboard within a couple feet of the outdrive(s).  This provides the corrosion protection benefits of both types of anodes.

Part Number Variations: CMGROUPERM, 194-CMGROUPERM, GROUPER-magnesium, Guppy, Fish, mermaid, hang tuff, Hangtuff, HangTuff-Magn