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Shaft Magnesium Anodes – Metric

The Metric Shaft Anodes are made of Mil-Spec Magnesium Alloy.

  • Highly active corrosion protection.
  • Superb self-cleaning performance.
  • Will not passivate in freshwater.

Highly recommended for inboard vessels that operate in freshwater.

All anodes have interlocking halves and extra alloy around the fastener.  Models X-25M has two stainless steel allen screws. Stainless steel nuts are pressed in, and plastic retaining washers ensure that the screws do not fall out during installation.

Fresh Water Use Only


Pitted stainless steel shaft from lack of galvanic protection.

Don't let this happen to your propeller shaft.
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Shaft Magnesium Anodes are made of Mil-Spec A-21412 (SH) Magnesium Alloy
Martyr X-25M Shaft Magnesium Anode - 25mm  
Martyr X-25 Shaft Magnesium Anode - 25MM (X25M) List Price: $24.79
Our Price: $16.08

Martyr X-25 Shaft Magnesium Anode - 25MM (X25M)

Part Number Variations: X-25M, X25M, X-025M, X025M, CMX025M