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SM201180A Side-Power Aluminum Anode
SM201180A Side-Power (Sleipner) Aluminum Anode

SM201180A Side-Power (Sleipner)
Aluminum Anode

SM201180A Side Power Aluminum Anode
Diameter:  1-7/8"
Height:  1-5/8"
Weight:  0.25 lbs
  • For thrusters with 215mm, 250mm, or 300mm tunnel diameter.
  • Fits models SP125, SP155, SP240, SP285, SE120, SEP120, SE130, SEP130, SE150, SEP150, SE170, SEP170, SE210, SEP210, SE240, SEP250, SE285, SH160, SH240, SH300, SAC250, SAC300, SEP300.
  • Two (2) anodes required.
  • Mounting screw included.  5mm hex wrench required for installation.

SM201180A Side-Power (Sleipner) Aluminum Anode with mounting screwSM201180A Side-Power (Sleipner) Aluminum Anode

In June 2021 it was announced that the name "Side-Power" will be retired and rebranded as "Sleipner" [Slipe-ner].  Sleipner Motor AS is the Norwegian company that designs and manufacturers these thrusters for worldwide use.  Click here to learn more:

Starting June 2010, Imtra is fitting Side-Power (Sleipner) thrusters with Mil-Spec Aluminum anodes to provide improved corrosion protection.  Compared to zinc anodes, aluminum anodes provide superior protection in brackish and freshwater, while still providing excellent protection in salt water.  For more information on Imtra’s conversion to aluminum anodes, go to

SM201180A Side-Power (Sleipner) Aluminum Anode        Side Power Tunnel Thruster

Q:  I was under the impression that one was not to mix aluminum and zinc anodes on a boat.  If aluminum is only available for my Imtra thruster should I switch the others to aluminum?

A:  Side-Power (Sleipner) thrusters are engineered to have their underwater metals electrically isolated from the rest of the boat.  This means that there is no electrical path available for the thruster (or its anodes) to interact with any other underwater metals (or anodes) either on or adjacent to your boat.  You can, and should, continue to use zinc anodes elsewhere on your boat while upgrading your Side-Power (Sleipner) thruster to these new, technically superior aluminum anodes.

Side Power Thruster

Part Number Variations: Sleipner, Imtra, Side-Power, SidePower, Side Power, SM201180, SM-201180, SM20-1180, 20-1180, 201180, 20 1180, SM201180A, SM201180AL, SM-201180A, SM20-1180A, 20-1180A, 201180A, 20 1180A, 02480, 02480AL, SGSP626, SGSP626A, 10757888