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SM61180 Side-Power Zinc Anode
SM61180 Side-Power (Sleipner) Zinc Anode

SM61180 Side-Power (Sleipner) Zinc Anode

Mil-Spec A-18001K Zinc AlloyDiameter:  1"
Height:  3/4"
Weight:  0.1 lbs
  • Fits 1999 and earlier 4 and 6 HP units (3-bladed props). 
  • Also fits SRV retractable thrusters. Two (2) required.
  • Mounting screw included.  4mm hex wrenched required for installation.

SM61180 Side-Power (Sleipner) Zinc Anode with mounting screw    SM61180 Side-Power (Sleipner) Zinc Anode


In June 2021 it was announced that the name "Side-Power" will be retired and rebranded as "Sleipner" [Slipe-ner].  Sleipner Motor AS is the Norwegian company that designs and manufacturers these thrusters for worldwide use.  Click here to learn more:

Part Number Variations: SM61180, SM-61180, SM6-1180, 61180, 6-1180, 6 1180, 01050, 261374, SRV, 3410 311 020, 3410311020, Searex