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ULTRA Tef-Gel Anti-Seize - 3cc Syringe
ULTRA Tef-Gel Anti-Seize - 3cc Syringe

ULTRA Tef-Gel Anti-Seize - 3cc Syringe

ULTRA Tef-Gel® eliminates thread seizure of underwater fasteners.  This marine grade lubricant prevents seizing, galling, and friction welding of stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze alloys.Ultra Tef-Gel Anti-Seize - 3cc Syringe

The Problem:

When a sacrificial anode corrodes it transfers its metal onto nearby underwater metals.  This metal ion flow creates a coating on the surface of all cathode metals – including the anode's fasteners themselves.  This electroplating can build up and induce thread seizure when attempting to detach the worn-out anode.

It is good practice for all anode fasteners be treated with a marine-grade anti-seizure lubricate that adheres during the life of the anode.  Field experience shows that aluminum anodes, in particular, are more likely to incur thread seizure to their underwater fasteners than zinc and magnesium anodes. 

Tef-Gel® is waterproof and contains no volatile solvents.  It will not evaporate, dry out, or wash away.  It provides ease of disassembly of your worn-out anodes, years later.

Application Instructions:

  • Apply to all threaded surfaces.


  • Use mineral spirits to remove excess Tef-Gel.
  • Wash skin with soap and water after use.
Part Number Variations: Ultra Tef-Gel Anti-Seize, TefGel, Tef-Gel, TG, TG-.25 3cc, 561779, 907522101, 0755464000003, 755464625275, 755464625282, 755464625299