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Volvo Penta SX/DP-SM Magnesium Anode Kit
Volvo Penta SX Magnesium Anode Kit

Volvo Penta SX/DP-SM Magnesium Anode Kit

Fresh Water Use Only

Magnesium anode kit for Volvo Penta SX and DP-SM drives.

Kit includes:
Mil-Spec A-21412 (SH) Magnesium Alloy

  • 3855411M Volvo Penta SX/DP-SM Outdrive Gearhouse Magnesium Anode (3855412)
  • 3854130M Volvo Penta SX/DP-SM Outdrive Transom Shield Magnesium Anode (3855610)
  • Mounting hardware included.

Installation Instructions

Magnesium is the most active metal on the Galvanic scale and intended FOR USE IN FRESH WATER ONLY

Volvo Penta SX Magnesium Anode Kit

Fits the following Volvo Penta Outdrives:

  • DP-SM, DP-SM 1.68, DP-SM 1.78, DP-SM 1.95, DP-SM 2.32, DP-SMTD 1.95, DP-SMTD1 1.95, DP-SMTD3 2.11  [Some DP-SM drives require two 873395M cube anodes instead of the 3854130M anode.]

  • SX-M, SX-MTD, SX-MTD3, SX-M 1.43, SX-M 1.51, SX-M 1.60, SX-M 1.66, SX-M 1.79, SX-M 1.89, SX-M 1.97, SX-M 2.18, SX-MTD 1.66, SX-MTD 1.79, SX-MTD 2.18, SX-MTD3 1.66

  • SX-M1, SX-M1 1.43, SX-M1 1.51, SX-M1 1.60, SX-M1 1.66, SX-M1 1.79, SX-M1 1.89, SX-M1 1.97, SX-M1 2.18


  • SX-C, SX-C1, SX-C2, SX-CT, SX-CT1, SX-R, SX-RT1, SX-RT2, DP-S, DP-S1, SX-C1AC, SX-C2AC, SX-R1, SX-R2, SX-CLT, SX-CLT1
Part Number Variations: CMSXKITM, CM3855411M, CM3854130M, 3855412, 3855610, 00726MG, 00718MG, 20708MG